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Rural landscapes of New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, simple utilitarian objects, or the faraway locations that fill my heart with joy.  These are the scenes and vignettes that fill my senses. They are the places, feelings and themes that I seek out, return to, and love.

I work primarily in pastels for its suppleness, its willingness to be blended, played with, touched; I love the tactile nature. Although I work in other mediums as well, it is pastel that always call me home.

Ten years ago I made the conscious decision to live a more expressive life. I had already embarked on a second career that included a successful stationery and illustration business, as well as the opening of my shop and studio, Merrily, in Sugar Loaf, New York. And, after many years away, I began to paint again. These are the fruits of that labor.

I know I am very fortunate to be able to follow my heart and pursue a life of creativity - for that I am profoundly grateful and thank you for visiting.

Katherine Parrella

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